Polyphasic Sleep - Dymaxion Day 1

It turns out that there are just not enough hours in the day1! However, I have a solution to add a few extra hours - polyphasic sleep.

Polyphasic sleep is a sleeping pattern where you take several short naps (20 – 30 minutes) throughout the day instead of the normal long sleep period at night (monophasic sleep). This means you can reduce the amount of time asleep from a typical 8-9 hours a day down to a mere 2 or 3. This gives you much more spare time and the obvious advantages that come with that.

This is not the first time I have experimented with polyphasic sleep. A few years ago I tried the Uberman sleep schedule, which is a 20 minutes nap taken every 4 hours. This proved to be very successful and I enjoyed the extra time I had for several months. However it was awkward socially as you can only go out and about for a few hours at a time before you need a nap.

This time around I am going to try the Dymaxion sleep schedule, which is a 30 minute nap every 6 hours. Whilst it is still poses logistical challenges, I hope the longer waking period will give me more flexibility.

And this time, unlike the last, I have been inspired to keep a blog of my progress for prosperity and for anyone else thinking of trying this.

Here are some words from those who have gone before me ;)

Day 1

I am dreading the next couple of weeks of the transition period. I remember the Uberman being hell on earth before my body adapted to the new routine.

The fear is I will crash out and oversleep. Last time I had four alarm clocks to try and wake me up. This time though I have ordered a bunch of kitchen timers as an alternative. Alarm clocks just are not practical – they often only have one setting for the alarm and it is annoying having to set them all every time you go for a nap. Also, you have to reset them if you change your nap time, which I found I occasionally did during the Uberman. Alternatively, kitchen timers are cheap and work in a countdown mode so I am hoping they will be more pragmatic. I also have a blindfold and ear plugs to help during the day.

I have set my nap time at 1 and 7 (i.e. 1am, 7am, 1pm and 7pm). The idea is that this will allow me to have a full evening out as and when required. If necessary I could push the nap times a little (say to 6pm or 2am) but obviously not during the transition period.

My first nap was at 1pm – obviously I was never going to sleep so I tried to meditate instead and let my mind wander and drift off to wherever it wanted to go. Hopefully this will help a little. I feel refreshed for now anyway.


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