DymaxiUberEveryThingyMan - Day 2 (continued)

I spent the morning reading polyphasic sleep blogs and found this interesting documentary on one of Stampi’s studies.
Inspired by this research I am going to attempt to monitor how I am doing by conducting some simple mental tests at the same time each day.

I found this website that provides some suitable material
I have chosen a 10 question test in Arithmetic Level 20 (addition, subtraction and multiplication options) and Vocabulary Level 40. These seemed to be about right in that they are reasonably easy, quick to do but still requires concentration otherwise errors creep in.

Ideally I should have done this yesterday before I started the process but the key is to see if and how this changes over time so it should be ok. Here are the base line results for today:
  • Arithmetic 90% in a time of 1:02
  • Vocabulary 90% in a time of 0:49

I will also try and keep a sleep log as well, although the overhead may be too much.
Generally I have felt OK today, maybe a bit tired here and there now and again. Only light (or no) sleep during nap time though.


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