Day 6 & 7 - Euphoria

I also had a “euphoric” experience on Saturday morning. This was a period of about half an hour when I felt wide awake and alert. This was one of the weird consequences that I observed when I was doing the Uberman all those years ago, periods of a heightened sense of being alive. Considering the amount of sleep this was unexpected to say the least.
I am waking up after the core sleep is easier and I am beginning to feel tired around when the nap times are due. This suggests my body is beginning to adjust to the new regime.
However, I currently am doing a 4 hour core nap, so sleeping around 5 – 6 hours in total a day. I aim to get this down to 4 hours next week.
Math 90%, 0:32
Vocab = 80% 1:02


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