Day 5 – MiniCrash

So I had a mini-crash this morning. I slept for 5 hours rather than 2, making the mistake of not getting up when the alarm went off.
I am still struggling to sleep during the short nap periods. I have found I am beginning to feel tired around the nap times though so I think my body knows they are coming up. Instead of napping exactly on the appointed time I am going to try and go to bed when I feel tired. Hopefully this will assist the adjustment process.
Things are still much easier than my recollection of the Uberman schedule. But I seem to recall that by this time into the process I was sleeping during the naps, albeit not deeply. I guess I did not have much of a choice. I suspect the long nap period is giving me enough to go on during the day which is perhaps why it is taking longer to get used to naps.
I feel generally ok overall. The night time periods are still a bit of an effort, to compensate I have taken to being more physically active at night. This is when I do all the housework and exercise a little. Getting up after the long nap is torture though and I am in zombie mode for the next hour afterwards.
I have upped the level for the mental tests to 50 as I am not seeing any particular degradation in my mental facility - I am still slight mad.
I have been taking my body temperature through the day. No discernible pattern in the fluctuation, although I don’t really have enough data to go on. What I was hoping to see was a correlation with the nap schedule. In fairness it has only been a few days, however I suspect this is a nonsense anyway.
The extra time has come in useful for getting things done and means I can work at a comfortable pace. I am beginning to experience my perception of the passing of days change as now there is just a continuum of time, rather than a steady metronome of the calendar ticking by. I had to check my calendar to find out what day it was. This was something I never really had a good solution for with the Uberman as well, so I will give some thought as to how best handle it.
Day 4
  • Math - 90%, 0:50
  • Vocab– 100%, 1:02
Day 5
  • Math = 90%, 0:34
  • Vocab = 90%, 0:56


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