Day 3 - Still Awake!

Waking up this morning was rough and I was in zombie mode for the next hour or so. I weakened and had a coffee to help. That said, the Everyman schedule is proving to be much easier than the Uberman so far. I am only lightly dozing during the nap time, although I it feels like they are slowly getting more effective.
I have kept a log of my subjective assessment of my sleep quality and alertness levels throughout the day.

Blue being sleep time, the darker the better quality of the sleep, green time that I feel awake and perfectly normal and red times when I feel tired (dark red being very tired).

I aced the tests today, maybe the level was set too low as I was tired when I did them yesterday. One mistake on the vocabulary test, which was I word I did not know anyway.
  • Math – 100%, 0:26
  • Vocabulary – 90%, 0:48 
Other than the issue waking up in the morning I generally felt good today.


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