Day 16 – Hello Zeo

As you may or may not know, sleep is broken down into five different phases but it is the last two that your body needs – SWS (slow wave sleep where your body attends to your immune system) and REM sleep (where your mind organises your memories). The others are not required.
You need about 90 minutes of both SWS and REM to be fit and healthy. The idea behind poly-sleep is to optimise your time spent asleep to maximise SWS and REM and to minimise or cut out the others. The problem is how do you know if you are actually getting the right type of sleep or how you might change your sleeping patterns to get the maximum effect?
I have been keeping a “sleep log” (below) to try and keep a subjective track of by sleeping and alertness patterns. However, I have now got my hands on a Zeo. This is a neat little box that will monitor your brainwaves as you sleep to tell you exactly what kind of sleep you are getting and will allow me to play with the nap times to see if I can improve the results. Regardless of whether or not you are attempting to poly-sleep it seems like a useful exercise and plays nicely with my obsession with data and metrics.
Sleep Log - Day 16

Generally now I am in the swing of things. The Everyman (E3) schedule has been much less brutal than the Uberman but at the same time I have not adapted as quickly and occasionally I fail to sleep during the nap time. By this time using the uberman I was pretty much always sleeping during the naps.
After doing a bit of research I could have chosen my nap times better. Hopefully with the Zeo I can experiment a little with moving the nap times around and optimising my REM and SWS.


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