Day 12 – Recovery

It has been a few days and I have recovered from the crash. The sleeping schedule is back on track, I no longer have tired periods during the day and I finding that I am going sleep pretty quickly when I go for a nap and feeling refreshed and awake afterwards. There are still times during the night when I begin to flag and getting up after the core sleep is hard, although easier than it was.
Several people have pointed me towards various articles on the effects of sleep deprivation on the mind and body. It is true that sleep deprivation is a bad thing; however the goal of poly-sleep is sleep optimisation. The idea is that by changing your sleeping routine you are conditioning your body to fall into deep sleep during that nap time and therefore you are still having the right amount of REM sleep.
Unfortunately there is little in the way of scientific research into this area. However, one study by Dr. Claudio Stampi on the effects of poly-sleep specifically shows that memory retention and analytical ability actually shows slight increases.
It is true that during the adaption phase you are going to be sleep deprived as your body is not expecting to go to sleep at 1pm every day. However, the human body is an amazing machine and will adapt accordingly.
There are many people who have successfully adapted to a poly-sleep regime without harmful effects and clicking here will take you to a website dedicated to poly-sleep with more information for those who care.

I think I am over the hump now and coming out the other side. Things are getting easier, subjectively I do not feel that I am suffering from any side effects, I do have tired periods – particularly overnight, although these are getting more infrequent and objectively the mental tests I have been using do not show any appreciable difference. If anything, there were a few days during the first few days where I scored slightly lower and then back to a normal average.
Also, I have just discovered a new gadget – the Zeo :) This is a cute little toy that monitors and analyses your sleep. Unfortunately I only discovered this today; I wish I had known about it before I started so I could have seen the trending data.
Wide awake at 3am updating my blog.


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