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Game Development in a Post-Agile World

The hype and dogma of Agile evangelists has left in its wake a trail of broken projects, ruined businesses and misguided neophytes bleating the tired doctrines of their long departed prophets. The games industry was no exception, with many swept up in the phantasmagoria from which we are only now beginning to witness the debris.

Of course, there were always the more levelheaded developers, unswayed by the silky promises of besuited "consultants" - even the ones offering certificates and everything. Today these more progressive thinkers talk of "post-agile" - or common sense as it were previously known.

But ripples of reason spread slowly. If I have to sit through another meeting with some little "agile" toe-rag defending their train wreck of a project then I may end up forcibly ramming a kanban where the scrum does not shine. It is not that I have anything particularly against agile, quite the contrary, but at the end of the day I have a product to ship and…