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Personal Software Process

Largely, I have an affinity towards agile methodology and thinking with respect to programming. Especially for the kind of development I do (games) where requirements are rarely fixed for long. So I was very interested when I came across "Personal Software Process" from a talk[1] at GDC[2]. Agile processes are fine but they are only one side of the coin. For a more complete and rounded view of the whole development vista I needed the view from the other side of the fence. I have experimented with PSP over the past couple of projects and tried to collate my notes and experiences into some kind of coherent form below.

Finding a description of PSP online is actually quite tricky. Minor googling suggests most PSP related sites are trying to sell you some kind of course or book[3]. So I will try and summarise my (albeit dodgy) understanding of what PSP is, for the benefit of those of you who can't afford all those expensive courses ;)

PSP is about improving your own personal de…