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Good Code

We probably all like to think we write good code; so therefore, it follows that we like to think we know what good code is. But what is good code? Are there rules for determining how good some code is, and if there are rules for good and bad code then why doesn't everyone write good code? Why aren't these rules taught in colleges and universities? The problem is it is a difficult question to find an answer for which is both succinct and complete. For a start the question is vague[1], you may as well ask what is art or love.

A better place to start might be if ask "What is bad code?". Now this is a much easier question to answer ;) If I don't know what good code is certainly know what bad code is. We have all worked with 'bad code', and probably been guilty of writing some :o I have worked on more than my fair share of projects with bad code[2] and equally I'm sure I've written more than my fair share myself :/

So using my vast knowledge and experie…